Remedy finder is a diagnostic tool for educational purpose that looks up your patients' health conditions or medical signs and find remedy or remedies based on chosen gender, age, risk factors, illness, signs, symptoms and prevalence. The diagnosis tool lists home remedies such as ayurveda or ayurvedic medicine, homeopathic remedies, anthroposophy or anthroposophic medicine, homeopathy and herbal medicine, vitamins and supplements.

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Lundberg Selection AB works for and with its 182606 members to promote health through systematizing the diagnostic methodology.

Our mission is to deliver services which simplify, improve and increase the effectiveness of practitioners'work.

Remedyfinder is created by doctors, medical students and system developers in collaboration. The founder of the company, Björn Lundberg, got the idea of Remedyfinder in 2000 during his medical studies at the Karolinska Institute.

Björn's desire to focus on the patient, free up time for the therapeutic dialogue and ensure quality in his work propelled him to reflect on how he could use his education, experience and traits in combination with technology's superior management of vast amounts of information. The solution was Remedyfinder, which unites proven medical findings with systematised data technology.

Lundberg Selection AB - Remedyfinder
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